PITCH TRAININGS – In order to prepare startups and companies to represent themselves on an international arena to the highest standard Seed Forum provides Pitch Training sessions. These are usually held in small groups of 5-15 startups where the individual time to each startup is dedicated in order to build a strong pitch. At the pitch training the companies are trained to present a 7 minutes presentations pitch and a 30 seconds power pitch.

PITCHING SESSIONS – Organise closed pitching sessions with investors providing a chance for the startup community to test their pitching skills, showcase their startup and meet potential investors in a more private setting.

EVENTS WITH PARTNERS – iHUB partners for special events with leaders in the industry to make sure that business community is informed on the latest trends in ICT, entrepreneurship and related fields.

COMPETITIONS – Challenging startups to stimulate benchmark and constantly improve their companies.

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP EVENTS -Promote and support gender equality in innovative entrepreneurship. Therefore a large number of intensive trainings are regularly held at iHUBs aimed at the empowerment of women to start their own business and giving them the tools to do so successfully.

LECTURES – Introducing and elaborating on complex topics in an easily comprehensible format.

MASTER-CLASSES – Getting a subject dissected by an expert and explained on practical examples, step-by-step cases, and group interaction exercises straight away.

MEETUPS -An informal meeting with the same interest group with lively discussions, provocative thoughts, tested theories and a wealth of experience shared altogether is the most interactive offline insight to a topic.

TRAININGS -Learning about a new topic or deepening the knowledge of specific one. Seed Forum organise trainings to ensure maximum engagement of the participants in the learning process and enjoyment of practicing essential skills with feedback readily available from the experts.

PRESENTATIONS -Provide information on important initiatives that affects business community.

COMMUNITY BUILDING EVENTS – Include open days, iHUB centres’ formal openings, movie nights, etc. These are open to public and provide a chance to get involved in the community, meet people from the industry and stay tuned on Seed Forum activities.