Each centre provides hands-on education, training, mentorship, A-class study and work space in central locations, with 24/7 access, comfortable workstations, team rooms, conference rooms, conference rooms, Skype rooms, iHUB visa, high-speed WiFi, work and leisure facilities, food and drinks, and a stimulating community of the bright innovators and entrepreneurs. All iHUB centres cater to such residents as startups, ICT and tech companies, freelancers, NGO’s and service providers in the ICT and tech sector and related fields. iHUB aims to help young and tech specialist, entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. This usually includes 20-40 year old men and women with higher education in different fields, strong interest in ICT and tech and willingness to excel. Most of the young special-ists possess strong technical knowledge but lack business and management skills to monetise their potential out-side of outsourcing to move up the value chain. This is where the iHUB project through its activities provides the much needed opportunities and support for them to do so successfully.