HUBs are launched in non-commercial public-private partnership (PPP) with local municipalities and Universities, where the local authorities allocate centrally located office space free of charge for a period of an average of 10 years and Seed Forum takes on the responsibility to refurbish, equip and operate the facility. Grant funding is used only as startup capital during the starting phase of each iHUB launch, then each location runs on a self-suitability model, where residents and community members pay low-level fees for the services rendered by the iHUBs.

During the iHUB development and its operations the Government authorities are regularly informed about the activities in the iHUB Network, and also invited to take part in iHUB events with an aim to understand better the realities that start-up and SMEs community is facing with. Also the Seed Forum team provides various analysis and recommendation for the government how to improve business environment in respective country.