Seed Forum originates from the first local Campus Kjeller Seed Forum in Norway in 2001, and has since then grown from a local process in Norway to a global network and organisation with activities on all continents. A continuous evolvement of Seed Forum as a best practice since 2001 is emphasizing the need of a strong cross-boarder financial market place to access private equity funding for start-ups and SMEs. Seed Forum is recognised as an export process from the Norwegian innovation system and is after 15 years of existence annually bringing a great amount of investor ready born global companies to pitch to investors locally, nationally and overseas. The process has created a tremendous activity and enormous amount of investor leads for companies and investors.

The born global trend means that start-ups are also seeking equity investment from investors cross boarders, and many companies are also pitching in Seed Forums overseas as a part of a strategy to access new markets. When investors are investing into overseas companies they also often open their own network to bring the company into their market. This also proves that private equity investment is an important tool for many companies to access new markets.

The main purpose of SF projects is to contributes to the competitiveness of the economy in various countries by supporting innovation infrastructure, capacities and networks, SMEs development and investment opportunities in SMEs and start-ups with innovative business idea. It also provides competence transfer from the Scandinavian Innovation System to developing countries and their institutional capacity building.

Seed Forum has created spin-off concepts such as the iHUB accelerator concept, the establishment of Business Angel Networks, tools for commercialisation of technologies and young entrepreneurship training. Seed Forum is currently growing into a complete innovation system in more and more countries with activities beyond the original Seed Forum process. Seed Forum is currently the main tool and a model for regional development and the establishment of regional and national innovation systems in many countries.