Seed Forum Norway works in partnerships in its international projects. Mostly these are international partners with specific expertise and knowledge that can be transferred to recipient countries.

SFNSeed Forum Norway
is a global network of national not-for-profit foundations and national representatives in more than 40 countries. It is the global competence center for investor readiness trainings and management of international projects.

The Seed Forum concept has grown rapidly since it was founded in Norway in 2002, and it stands as a global concept. It is running investor matchmaking forums in more than 40 countries worldwide. The mission of Seed Forum is to present newly born investor-ready global companies to investors and to educate companies in fundraising and reduce the risk of investment for investors. The Seed Forum process has the objective of providing competence within investor readiness and investor matchmaking opportunities for private investors, seed funds, venture funds, private equity funds, corporate venture investors, family offices and financial intermediaries in born global companies.

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SFESTISeed Forum Eesti Foundation is non-profit foundation founded in Estonia, Tallinn. It has a wide expertise on the Estonian innovation system.




SF SwedenSeed Forum Sweden is non-for profit Foundation founded in Sweden in 2015. It operates as an integral part of the Seed Forum network. Seed Forum Sweden has a network of approximately 1,200 potential investors in Sweden. Further, there are more than 200 Swedish alumni companies that have participated in the Seed Forum processes since 2005. SFS brings its partner network to this project as well, such as: Carnegie, DLAPiper (Seed Forum Global pro bono client globally), Deloitte, Drivhuset, Swedbank, Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine (Seed Forum Sweden led a Swedish delegation to Kiev, Ukraine). In addition, the following two Seed Forums Sweden’ partner organisations will be involved in order to secure access to expertise and network in Swedish innovation and business ecosystem: Movexum ( and Drivhuset (

SFUSeed Forum Ukraine Foundation
is part of the global Seed Forum network and is one of the leading NGOs in Ukraine. Its mission is to support entrepreneurship and fuel SME growth in Ukraine and develop SME innovation infrastructure across Ukraine. Main aim is unlocking its full social and economic development potential. SFUF supports establishment iHUB’s network throughout Ukraine. Today SFUF unites into one strong eco-system with number of innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs.

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SF Moldova Institution Seed Forum Moldova Institution is registered in Chisinau, Moldova





SF Georgia FoundationSeed Forum Georgia Foundation is registered in Tbilisi, Georgia




IDN bold transparentInternational Development Norway is a Norwegian based consulting company working globally. IDN has a mission to support economic and social development world-wide, with the wish to make a difference by doing so.

Working with the institutions and universities, IDN develops and facilitates models of technology transfer, and assist institutions in promoting own technologies, identifying possible funding and finding markets for offered solutions. It provides support to the development of companies through technology transfer and business matchmaking activities. It also gives practical introduction of environmental solutions in companies with environmentally-challenged businesses. Furthermore, IDN has a great expertise in conducting market research, feasibility studies, training programmes and capacity building for the business and innovation support organisations.

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Seed Forum also established cooperation with:

SIVA, Norway The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway is responsible for implementation of the Norwegian incubator program. SIVA has ownership in an innovation system that produces 200 new companies every year.

Argentum is an asset manager specializing in investments in Nordic and energy-focused private equity funds. Argentum will provide support to the project team in preparation of the Feasiblity Study for setting up similar type of fund in Ukraine.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. It also promotes interaction between enterprises, knowledge communities and R&D institutions.

E-Governance Academy is the Estonian non-government organisation which provides an expertise on the Estonian public sector and e-government solutions

Watchcom is the Norwegian company that provides security solutions against sophisticated cyber attacks and unwanted security events.

NTNU Technology Transfer AS works on creating value out of research results from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the Central Norway Regional Health Authority and the Sør-Trøndelag University College. The aim is reaching the market in the form of new products or services that benefit society.

Kjeller Innovation supports development of good business ideas and helps in launching businesses, assisting them with financing, and introducing them to the marketplace.

Start NTNU organizes a number of events to show the students attending that starting own company is possible, and to encourage them to invest in their own ideas.

Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce