INVESTOR CONFERENCES – Seed Forum organizes investor conferences on a regular basis in more then 40 countries in the world. Seed Forum annually organises from one to two Seed Forum Conferences in each country. These conferences gather the regional business community, entrepreneurs, startups and provides most driven of them an opportunity to showcase their business and connect with partners and investors. Each of the presenting companies is pre-selected by the Seed Forum selection panel. There is no success fee and investors meet the companies in person. Seed Forum offers private investors, seed and venture funds, corporate venture and family offices as well as other key finance intermediaries a first-hand insight into a selected group of innovative born global companies which aspire to expand their businesses. Startups, in turn gain access to a pool of international and local investors and are able to communicate and benchmark with other progressive startups.Investors conferences are organised on a regional, national and international level.

BUSINESS ANGEL NETWORK – Seed Forum provides support for establishment of a local, regional and national Business Angel Networks. This includes consultation process, series of workshops and events, promotion to and mobilisation of investors (including diaspora and local business community).

FUND IN FUND DEVELOPMENT – Seed Forum provides needs assessment analysis and feasibility assessments for the establishment of Fund in Fund. It further promote establishment of the similar institution in developing countries.