Ana Chirita, Executive Director Seed Forum Moldova Institution

Ana is the Executive Director of Seed Forum Moldova Institution and the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies. As an advocate and evangelist for her community, she plays an important role in developing Moldova’s ICT and entrepreneurship industry.

For the last 6 years Ana has been running a series of initiatives aiming to advance the competitiveness of the ICT sector and promote the ICT as a core enabler for national economic development. Under her leadership the Association became an important voice of the industry and a viable platform of dialogue and collaboration between the private sector, Government and development partners.

Ana manages to attract all the interested stakeholders and needed resources in order to address important for industry challenges. The projects she is managing – Moldova ICT Summit, IT Career Promotion Campaign, improving the legal and fiscal framework for ICT companies and many others – are meant to produce impact and strengthen the trust in Moldovan ICT industry.

Ana is Moldovan national. She has three children.

E-mail:; +373 79002866+373 79002866; Skype: a_chirita