Project title: Seed Forum International

Country: Various

Client: Various

Partners: Seed Forum Norway Foundation and Seed Forum Local Foundations

Duration: 2004-ongoing

Project components

  • Nomination includes identification, mobilisation and consultation process with the key institutions and persons in the business and innovation system of the country that will suggest companies       from their environment and network with a need for private equity investment.
  • Selection: Selection criteria are well defined as follows: a) Market attractiveness; b) Product differentiation and c) Company team capacity and skills and d) Technology life cycle.
  • Pitch training and final selection. The Pitch Training is well defined 8 hours training that trains the companies to become investor ready, attract venture capital investments and undergo venture capital investment process. SF Selection Panel will evaluate and invite ~50% of the seminar participants to present their investment at the Seed Forum Investor Conference..
  • Identification, organization and mobilization of the potential investors. In parallel with the above defined activities, the SF team promote, attract, organise and mobilise potential domestic investors, diaspora and foreign investors.
  • Seed Forum Investor Conference is conducted on the highest possible level, followed by max two hours of the informal networking evening.

Project results

More then 70 Seed Forum processes have been held since its start in 2003. It is currently running in more then 50 countries, and each country it is held 1-3 times per year.