Multi country projects – Baltics:


Title: Seed Forum Nordic

Country: Nordic and Baltic countries 

Client: Nordic Innovation Centre

About the project:

The project Seed Forum Nordic enabled the Seed Forum concept originally developed in Norway to become a complete Nordic and Baltic process where to the 1st Seed Forums in Stockholm and Reykjavik was 2005, Finland was 2006 and Denmark was 2007. The start in Estonia was 2005, Latvia 2008 and Lithuania 2010. The process in all Nordic and Baltic countries has grown rapidly ever since as because of the process and Seed Forum can be referred to as well as a Nordic project and organisation since 2005. The Seed Forum Nordic process includes the fully fletched process with nomination of companies, investor pitch trainings, selection and Seed Forum investor matchmaking events (financial market places)

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Project title: Single CBR Home Market (cb44Home Market)

Country: Latvia and Estonia

Client: INTERREG Programme

Duration: 2011-2014 (42 months)

Partners: Seed Forum Norway Foundation (Consortium Leader), Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, Seed Forum Latvia Foundation, Seed Forum Estonia Foundation, Lithuanian Charity and Sponsorship Foundation Seed Forum, Gjovik Science Park, Orebro Regional Development Council, Sunrise Valley Business Incubator in Vilnius, Valmiera Business and Innovation Incubator, Tartu Science Park in Estonia

About the project: Project addresses a problem of identified striking differences and imbalances within different BSR arias on a current post-economic crises period and will foster East BSR access to a very specific financial instrument – early stage risk and venture capital for innovative „born global” SME’s by adopting and implementing well tested methods and best practices in „investment readiness process” from the other BSR arias.

Project creates an investor matchmaking market place for seed and venture capital without national borders in the whole BSR region. From all the other innovative business promotion activities in the region, Seed Forum process stands out by providing specific platform and tools for early stage growth companies access to very specific financial instruments – high risk venture and seed capital, which usually is the crucial factor for making outstanding business idea to materialize into successful, visible, translational business venture.

The project provides an opportunity to born global companies seeking capital to present their business concepts to investors by facilitating international and local investor matchmaking forums. Project directly boosts innovations and provide tool for facilitation of free movement of capital and new, innovative business concepts within BSR. Within the “investor readiness process” the entrepreneurs are nominated, selected and trained to secure that the companies are investor-ready when they are presented to investors. The process is important tool to reduce risks for investments in early stage companies, as part of the project activities are trainings for investors in order to improve their capacity and understanding of the early stage investment concept.

Project creates an inclusive co-operation environment with other local public authorities and business support organizations for transferring knowledge, increasing awareness about the needs of the fast-growing innovative SME’s in BSR area. Proposals will be developed for legislation improvements, and other INTERREG projects for SME’s support incorporated so that partners will share best practices and compare the tools and mechanisms in place in order to enhance the quality and quantity of investor matchmaking and capital availability in BSR.
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