Project title: Seed Forum Minsk

Country: Belorussia

Client: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kyiv

Project duration: April 2016- October 2016

Budget: NOK 199897

Partners: Seed Forum Norway Foundation and Belarusian Chamber for Commerce and Industry (BCC)

Project goal

Contribute to the competitiveness of the economy in Belorussia by promoting and supporting investment opportunities in SMEs and start-up companies with innovative business idea and facilitate their access to seed capital markets. The project will provide born-global investor ready companies to investors, educate companies in fundraising and reduce the risk of investment for investors.

Project components

  • Conduct one SF process in Minsk that includes the following activities: nomination of companies and the selection of the best ones, provide a Pitch Training and final selection of the companies, organise Seed Forum Investor Conference and necessary follow up activities.
  • Preparation of the Memo on Belarusian Innovation System.