The Seed Forum process includes 4 levels: Nomination, fundraising education, selection and investor matchmaking forum. The scope of the Seed Form process is to secure a highest possible investor readiness of the investor pitch when pitching to investors in the investor matchmaking forums. The process reduces the risk of investment in start-ups. Seed Forum is a global market place for born global companies and investors. Seed Forums are organized on local, national and global levels bringing companies from one region or country to match with investors in other regions or countries. The rationale of the Seed Forum Process is to facilitate a global market for seed and venture capital without regional or national borders. The Seed Forum process refers to the standardized steps that a born global company follows from being nominated, trained for fundraising, selected and to finally present in a Seed Forum investor match-making forum. There is no success fee involved.

A Seed Forum nominator is a key-person defined by Seed Forum in the innovation system with access to companies with a need to pitch to investors. Typical nominators are incubator managers, representatives of regional development offices, business consultants in banks and venture capitalist. Nomination is the first step in the Seed Forum process where a nominator has identified a potential born global company with a need for private equity investment. A Nominator typically looks for innovative edge, market potential and internationalization potential and if it is the right timing to present to investors. The only requirement for the company is to fill in the Seed Forum Business Summary formula in English or in the respective local langue (the Seed Forum Business Summary exists in variety of local languages). Other documents such as business plans, investor presentations etc. will not be accepted and will be deleted immediately if received. A company that has previously been nominated but not selected and also companies that have previously presented in the Seed Forum process does not need to be re-nominated. A company which would like to pitch in Seed Forum may also directly file a Business Summary formula, and Seed Forum will if so assist in finding a nominator who may nominate the company.


All nominated companies are invited to an obligatory one-day Pitch Training Camp which includes an intensive program including lectures and coaching. Lectures are held by Seed Forum representatives or external professionals and covers topics like “the Investment Process and documents in the process”, “How to work with a corporate finance partner”, “Preparation for Due Diligence”, “Investor negotiation techniques”, “Exit strategies”, “How to protect your competitive edge” etc. The training includes coaching in presentation techniques, information about business cultures and investor markets in the various countries where companies are pitching as well as networking training. The Seed Forum pitch training camps are provided by Seed Forum Academy which is the Seed Forum global competence center of “investor readiness” based in London.


All companies who have been in a Seed Forum pitch training camps may be selected to present in Seed Forum. The Seed Forum selection panel evaluates the Business Summary formulas filed from the nominated companies as well as the pi\participation in the pitch trainings and has the mandate to select companies to pitch in Seed Forum. The selection panel consists of investors and individuals with access to capital within the Seed Forum Global Investor Network. Companies may be selected if the company has a potential for internationalization in the respective market, and if it is the right timing to present to investors. A selected Company will shortly after being selected receive a confirmation from Seed Forum with an invitation to pitch in Seed Forum. A company which has previously presented in Seed Forum may be subject to selection to pitch in further Seed Forums by the internal Seed Forum International selection committee.


The Seed Forum investor matchmaking forums are an efficient half-day forum from morning until lunch with 6-10 born global company presentations. The companies will firstly present a 30 seconds power pitch followed by maximum 3 key-note speeches. Thereafter the companies will present their 7 minute investor pitch followed by questions from the investors. In the end of Seed Forum the companies will also answer the questions “What is WOW about your company?” After the presentations there is a networking lunch. The investor matchmaking forums are followed by a 2 hours evening reception starting at 6 pm the same day. After the evening reception there is also in most destinations a Late Night Seed Forum gathering for even further mingling. The evening before Seed Forum the companies must participate in a 3 hours obligatory last minute brief starting at 6 pm, and in the morning from 9-11 am the day after Seed Forum also in  round-up session. The local and International Seed Forum investor forum agenda is the same format. All Seed Forums are hosted in prestigious venues.